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Prima Consulting is a consulting firm, specialized in Food service and Hospitality. We operate on the market for more than 35 years, so we have gained a lot of experience in this industry. Working on an international level enables us to have a global vision of the market.
Thanks to FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) Network we are able to provide our customers with virtually kind of solution imaginable in the Foodservice and Hospitality realms.

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About us


Find below the list of our best projects made over the years.

Alibi Zlatibor Inn
The big Challenge was the small footprint of the kitchen.

Tourist farm Gregorič
Tourist farm Gregorič is in Prvačina beside regional road Nova…

Valmar – laboratorio del gelato
Since it was founded in 1987, Valmar has stood out…

Hotel Casino Perla
Back in 2002 we offered design and consulting services to…


Prima Consulting provides consulting service and helps to choose the best equipment on the market, using an individual approach and considering customer needs and requirements.
We a
ttend training courses in order to discover all the equipment, currently available on the market. Additionally we have over twenty years of experience in 3D design with dedicated tools such as WINDELTA or Specifi, so that we are able to provide our customers with the best professional kitchen design, including the front coking, the function rooms, the restaurants with a very little space or the 5-star casino hotels.
We go through all the steps of the project: from the initial idea to the realization, coordination of the design workflow using CAD or BIM, the construction site supervision and finally the training for the personnel using the equipment and for the maintenance staff.
The participation and leading positions in the various
international committees for BIM (Building Information Modeling), gives us the opportunity to advice for the creation of BIM libraries and documentation used by Foodservice / Hospitality designers and consultants all over the world.


Our reports from the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry events such as exhibitions, design workshops, top chef’s masterclasses etc

The 200+ consultants, manufacturers and operators who attended the FCSI EAME…

FCSI EAME Conference, Madrid 2015
The FCSI EAME conference took place at Melia Castilla Hotel…

FCSI EAME Conference, Warsaw 2013
The conference played host to an EAME meeting for the…

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