About us

Prima Consulting is a consulting firm, specialized in Foodservice Equipment and Hospitality. We operate on the market for more than 30 years, so we have gained a lot of experience in this industry. Working on an international level enables us to have a global vision of the market.

Thanks to FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) Network we are able to provide our customers with virtually kind of solution imaginable in the Foodservice and Hospitality realms.

Our experience is a practice-through knowledge, gained while working in the Food Service industry.

  • My path begins in 1985 with Elettrobar Glasswashers and professionals Dishwashers where I played both roles of the
    responsible for overseas markets and product manager for OEM products.

  • In 1990 Elettrobar was acquired by Elettrobar EUROTEC. In this group were took part of the Promag Ice Cream Machines project, the GBG’s slush makers and drink dispensers, FB De Ranieri Ice Cream Displays, Pastry/Confectionery and custom designed bars, then LAI with bars and display cabinets for pastry and ice cream, Colged professional dishwasher.
    Additionally for Eurotec I worked as Export Area Manager for Northeastern Europe, at that time I started designing my very first ice cream parlor projects, pastry displays etc. Using the old Drawing Board and later by hand

  • In 1993 I founded Klass s.a.s. with my company I continued to take care of overseas markets and marketing consultancy for the Eurotec group

  • In 1996 as Klass s.a.s. consultant I started collaborating with the ALI Group S.p.A. Holding managed by Dr. Luciano Berti, I was coordinating European Marketing in various companies of the group. It was the first time I was involved in bigger hotel projects and at that time I fell in love with design. So I decided to dedicate myself to consulting, at that time I brought my first HP workstation with a plotter and SWS software by Windelta. I offered my design services for both the end users (in the neighboring Slovenia and Croatia) and European retailers seeking for consulting services for their customers

  • Back in 2000 I accepted to collaborate with Rega, Commercial Ventilation systems company.

  • In 2001-2002 I was invited as manager of the commercial department of WINTERHALTER Italy. Thanks to my design skill we delivered fantastic solutions to our customers. I remember with pleasure IKEA Florence project.

  • In 2002 I resumed working for our company KLASS d.o.o. in Slovenia offering design consulting services to HIT group, for instance Hotel Casino PEARL project, Hotel Sabotin, Hotel Relax Kranjska Gora and many other HIT group facilities

  • In 2010 I started to provide consulting to UNOX, at first to marketing department and then since 2012 to till now I’ve been working as Project Lead in Foodservice Consultants project, offering my services for the creation of the documentation, CAD libraries and later BIM models for UNOX consultants